BioText Search Engine

Поисковая Веб-система, ориентированная на применение методов процессинга текста на естественных языках для обработки запросов в области молекулярной медицины и биотехнологии.

New methods and tools are needed to improve how bioscience researchers search for and synthesize information from textual descriptions of bioscience research. We are building a flexible, efficient, platform-independent database system infrastructure specifically geared towards supporting the advanced and particular search needs of bioscience researchers. We are using this infrastructure to support the development and deployment of statistical approaches to natural language processing, which will identify entities and relations between them in bioscience texts. This will in turn facilitate more effective search and synthesis. We are working with bioscience researchers to develop intuitive, appealing, interfaces for using these facilities to perform efficient and effective searches. The resulting system will support new ways of asking scientific questions of the underlying databases, and new tools for assembling the pieces of biosciences puzzles. Visit the BioText Search Engine for viewing figures and captions in bioscience literature search.
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